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12-28: Deep cuts sought by Lehigh Board of Fire Commissioners(note: the board hired an outside negotiator)

11-29:Now the NLRB is at it again, readying new regulations that threaten American jobs. The board intends to speed up the process for union organizing elections, changing the rules to "heavily favor unions" at the expense of employers, who already face increased costs and disruptions from organizing elections. These rules, according to one former NLRB member, are "a transparent attempt to circumvent Congress" and a new source of uncertainty for employers and workers.. WRite your house reps

What is a green job? Anything the administration can cram into the category

Let the Teamsters know how you feel about them (video)

A growing concern? Defined benefit pensions reviewed.

Get Wassername!

8-11-11 DNC memo on GOP Iowa debate

8-11-11 Response from a voter to Bill Nelson:
As I write this I am in the middle of saving a small business that employees 18 people. I will risk my hard earned capital to save these 18 jobs and hopefully create several times that over the next couple of years. You, Senator Nelson, take none of this risk along with me. If I lose my investment, I get a paltry $3,000 per year to write this off. If my investment works, you Senator Nelson, currently take a 15% share of my risk and hard work. So is this the loophole you want to close? Your return on investment in this venture is infinity. You have no risk, yet get all of the upside. Small business is responsible for most of the employment in this country. Due to your policies created with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (in return for nice campaign contributions), you have wrecked the banking system for small businesses. Now you want to wreck the equity capital market through higher taxes and closing loopholes. It's a wonderful sound bite in an election campaign for those who contribute nothing to our society, but give you a vote. To me, it demonstrates your complete misunderstanding as to how our job creation system really works. It is way past time for you and your high spending buddies in Washington to retire. If not, it is time for those who create jobs and fund your hair brained schemes to fire you.

8-8 Van Jones to the rescue..finally a detailed economic plan!...$$$$$

11/8: House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) issued a subpoena to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon August 7 as part of its investigation into NLRB action against the Boeing Company. It compels NLRB to comply with earlier, outstanding Committee document requests submitted in May. NLRB is compelled to produce identified materials to Committee offices no later than 12:00 p.m. August 12. "NLRB's action in the case against Boeing has the potential to create a job-killing precedent just as U.S. manufacturers are working toward economic recovery. That a Washington, D.C.-based bureaucracy could dictate the work location and parameters for a world-leading company is unprecedented in a global economy and hobbles a leading American job creator at a time of economic vulnerability," Issa said. Chairman Issa added, "President Obama and both Democratic and Republican Members of Congress have questioned the wisdom behind NLRB's actions against Boeing. As this matter could take years to resolve and create even more crippling uncertainty for job creators, it is imperative that Congress get complete facts about NLRB's rationale and its decision making process in this matter without further delay."

Biden/Pelosi: If I’m Satan, What Does that Make You?

by Benjamin Smith from big government

As an authentic grass roots movement in which every Local Tea Party organization has different beliefs from the next we have a core value system aligning with all the others.  Some are libertarian, some are religious, some are the flat-out stock broker business types.

They all have one thing in common: They are responsible people.  Their word is their bond.  As much as the groups differ and may argue on issues they all understand that there is a greater good and focus on the tasks at hand.  They get over their personal differences and get to work on what they can contribute.

I heard comments from our own administration (Biden calling Tea Partiers Terrorists) and leaders calling ME, a veteran, a patriot and a true American, Satan. What is Nancy Pelosi thinking when making such comments? (Actually, if I wanted to have fun with this and play it out a little I’d say … it is a “Satan sandwich” with “Satan fries” on the side!)  Biden called the Tea Party terrorists!

I think you really don’t understand the gravity of these statements Mr. Biden and Mrs. Pelosi.  Luckily, I am aware you know not of service to MY Country and you are not aware of the words you have called me and the people of my ilk.  I AM the Tea Party as are the millions of citizens I call my countrymen.

Even if we were friends and you called me a terrorist you would be expected to explain your actions and your beef with me or we would have to settle this like men.   I respect your positions of office and would still call you sir and ma’am, but beyond that I spit on you!  As a citizen, I spit on you.  As a SEAL, I spit on you.  As an American, I spit on the very thought of your Communist tactics.

I have seen the Real Terrorists and the Satan in their eyes . I know what they can do.  A majority of the people you call terrorists (Tea Party) have served in YOUR military and have done YOUR bidding.   Be careful where you tread, those words cut deep on a many levels.

One.  You call me a terrorist trying to tie my belief system to the very people who want to kill and enslave you and I (radical Islam).  Our sworn enemy!  The Tea Party people are centrally rooted in the Constitution and go to it as a political Bible.

We go to the Constitution and the founding fathers for guidance, before deciding what is equally just for our fellow citizens.  These documents and the people who created them were of Judeo/Christian beliefs.  The Tea Party readily endorses the documents and people who gave us this great country.  Are you and your administration calling the founders and the documents null and void being that we don’t negotiate with Terrorists?

Two.  You separate yourselves from us.  We are looking for transparency, decency, values and respect.  We idolize the values known as America through our short history and aspire to live as good people.  We don’t look for the handout, we are always the ones giving a hand up.

Again, in calling us something we are at war with, are you at war with us?  Our beliefs?  What in particular makes me a terrorist to you … Are you calling us out?  Are you trying to mark us for extermination (look at public sentiment in the Weimar Republic before WWII and how the Nazi’s shifted a society to aide and abet the extermination of millions of Jews)?  Are you our opposite as per your claim?  Should we associate you to Georbles  and his role in the final solution?

Do you attack us like this because we do not depend on you or because you can’t depend on us for votes?

The Tea Party is luckily a bunch of grown ups and we know your desperate ploys to “get our goat.” Good thing we are smart and know it’s a common tactic children pull on grown ups right before there is a tantrum.

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the face, there was a huge out cry from the left to tone down the “inflammatory rhetoric”. I also seem to remember Nancy Pelosi talking about the same “inflammatory rhetoric” as she tried to squeeze out some crocodile tears in an attempt to demonize us during the healthcare debate. Doesn’t seem her actions match her words, does it?

Have you seen “Nightmare on Elm Street”?  In every one of the films Freddy Krueger is always defeated when the people he terrorizes realize his greatest weapon is fear. When they realize what he is doing, they become unafraid and stronger than he can ever be and he is powerless against them.

Another analogy is of course a much more familiar one, with a touch of sweetness added in for good measure. The famous line in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ … “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”  Once you see what is really going on the spell is broken and people, realizing the truth, become empowered and unstoppable.

A warning to those trying to deceive us: You are caught in your own web of lies and now are feeling the ire of the people who you have tried so hard to control starting to look and point at your ruse.

You now have our undivided attention because your fear tactics are getting sloppy and overbearing.  You have gone too far and are showing your true colors.  You will be the engine behind getting voted out of office and shamed in history as you so deserve.

So what do we do? We have to seize the opportunity.  People have to start talking about politics … Our politics. If we are silent and don’t present our view of reality on economics and values, THEY WILL define it for us, don’t let that happen.

The economy is the focal point of the electoral subjects these days.  We as Conservatives and people who read up and learn things have to start leading the conversations. Get them started and talk about things, learnedly and not in a bluster or condescendingly.  Citizens are starting to see what is being done is not working and are looking for answers everywhere. They are even looking to us and we must be armed with educated and insightful answers!

Be the one that leads people and liberates them with knowledge.  Right now is a time when people who are independents and undecided are free agents in the political market. Engage them. Learn from them and challenge them to prove you wrong.

I have never been a liberal but did go through a period where I felt a good portion of my political and national reality was a lie! I had to read and finally educate myself as to our true history.  I could only imagine how a liberal or a progressive feels when they learn there is a real world out there.  I think there should be an amnesty program for recovering liberals.  The “I told you so” is something they fear. And of course, It is the hardest thing NOT to say to someone.

In all, we have an opportunity to further what we believe and advance the American values that made America great.  As Reagan said it is not inherited, Liberty and freedom have to be taught and handed down BOLDLY and unapologetic.

We ARE the People!



Boehner letter: "...the White House is simply not serious about ending the spending binge....


Quote of the week (Jay Rockefeller D, W Va):"The senate will not consider passing an FAA extension with policy riders that hurt small communities across the country"

John Mica (R FL) sponsored the legislation concerning the Essential Air Service program. It subsidizes small airports. Mica's bill would cut off funding for small airports within 90mi of larger airports and airports receiving subsidies exceeding $1,000 per passenger.

Of course, some of the airports are in W Va (Rockefeller) and Nevada (Reid).

This subsidy costs us about $200M/yr. It is clearly being used to buy votes by politicians. Are you happy contributing to their campaigns? Would you like to donate your social security check so someone doesn't have to drive too far to the airport.

Support John Mica...

Quote of the week (Gloria Della, Department of Labor):"The data used for the study is long-term data on individual participants, which was collected over several years; therefore completion of the study is a long process."

This government droid thinks we are so dumb we will take a line of logic like that and believe it is true! She was trying to explain why a study originally scheduled for completion in 2007 won't be ready until the end of this year! The program (TAA) was developed to help workers displaced by jobs lost overseas. It is being attached to the free trade bill and holding it up. The study was supposed to determine if the program works or not. We wonder why the study is late.

Last year TAA cost $975M. The unemployed get up to 156 wks of unemployment benefits.

Teachers Union plans "welcome" for Rick Scott

"As previously posted Governor Rick Scott is scheduled as the keynote speaker for the March 19th the Charlotte County Republican Party's Lincoln Day dinner to be held at the Cultural Center in Port Charlotte. CFEA and CCSPA are working with our colleagues in other counties to make sure the Governor receives an appropriate Charlotte County Welcome. As the planning moves forward we need some people to help organize our welcome. If you are interested or know someone who would do a great job in this arena, please reply sender or call the union office at 743-$%$&. All correspondence will; be kept in strictest confidence." source> (hotteanews3-3-11)

Chairman of the Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee resigns

"Starr said Sunday that momentum within the group had sputtered in recent months because of what he called a growing "faction" of members who wanted to change the structure of operations from the core mission." read more>

Herald-Tribune 2-27

TALLAHASSEE — A majority of the Florida Senate

sent a letter to U.S. Secretary Ray LaHood Thursday, blasting Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to scuttle the state’s $2.7 billion high speed rail plan and pleading for more time. “This project would create real jobs, cleaner and smarter transportation, and true economic development for Floridians,” said the letter signed by 26 senators, and led by Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland. “Politics should have no place in the future of Florida’s transportation, as evidenced by this letter of bipartisan support.” Here’s the letter: February 17, 2011 The Honorable Ray LaHood U.S. Department of Transportation 200 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20590 Dear Secretary LaHood, In December of 2009, members of the Florida Legislature voted to create the Florida Rail Enterprise and the Florida Statewide Passenger Rail Commission. The enterprise could have the ability (pursuant to s. 341.822, Florida Statutes) to independently move forward ith Florida’s plans for high speed rail. Please give us the time necessary to work with the enterprise prior to re‐allocating Florida’s funds to another state. This project would create real jobs, cleaner and smarter transportation, and true economic development for Floridians. The international consortiums who have been investing time and money while waiting for the chance to respond to a request for a proposal deserve that opportunity. Politics should have no place in the future of Florida’s transportation, as videnced by this letter of bipartisan support. Senator Anthony Hill, 1 District Senator Greg Evers, 2nd District Senator Stephen Wise, 5th District Senator Bill Montford, 6th District Senator Andy Gardiner, 9th District Senator Mike Fasano, 11th District Senator Dennis Jones, 13th District Senator Paula Dockery, 15th District Senator Jack Latvala, 16th District Senator Arthenia Joyner, 18th District Senator Gary Siplin, 19th District Senator Mike Bennett, 21st District Senator David Simmons, 22nd District
Senator Nancy Detert, 23rd District
Senator Thad Altman, 24th District Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, 25th District Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, 27th District Senator Chris Smith, 29th District Senator Maria Sachs, 30th District Senator Eleanor Sobel, 31st District Senator Jeremy Ring, 32nd District Senator Nan Rich, 34th District Senator Gwen Margolis, 35th District Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, 36th District Senator Rene Garcia, 40th District

Voter Voice

Make Your Voices Heard Now!

As you know there is an effort to circumvent the High Speed Rail decision made by Governor Rick Scott. There is a letter from 26 RINO and Liberal State Senators to Ray LaHood begging him to not give your money to CA just yet. Our statewide group Florida Alliance has a program called Voter Voice. We have decided to activate this program to send letters to Sen. Bill Nelson, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Transportation Committee Chairman Rep. John Mica and several others. It is completely free and I can assure you it is completely safe. Please take three minutes to fill out the form and send the letter. You can even add a little to the letter if you want. Please pass this on to all of your friends. Here is the link

Bill Nelson on high speed rail

Please let Bill know what you think of his position

Widening Placida Road remains a priority project

"Commissioner Bob Starr says the county is willing to discuss some design elements, but four lanes will remain..."From a professional and planning point of view, it did not make sense," (Deutsch) said. " read more > (Herald-Tribune 2-10-11)

Sarasota City Commission vote on illegals leads to anger and accusations

"What Mayor Kirschner should have done was to recuse himself from this vote. Others from the Hispanic community feel the same way. " read more > (Red County 2-10-11)

How Public Unions Took Taxpayers Hostage

"The looming public-pension crisis that threatens to bankrupt city, county and state governments had its origins...when public employees, already protected by civil-service rules, gained the right to bargain collectively." read more > (WSJ 1-25-11)

State Bankruptcy Is a Bad Idea

" By reopening their collective bargaining statutes, state officials can ...tak(e) retiree health insurance off the table ... revok(e) privileges such as the employer-collected dues checkoff. They can even eliminate future union contracts. " read more > (WSJ 1-24-11)

Charlotte County Citizens Budget Input Survey

Your chance to give feedback to the Board of County Commissioners on the amount of spending the county is engaged in take the survey >

Land Swap deal could bring water park to Charlotte County

"Charlotte County may soon have an indoor and outdoor water park if one local land developer has his way. " read more > (WZVN 1-14-11)

Public-Worker Unions Battle Governors on Benefit Cuts

"State and local governments pay $40.10 an hour in wages and benefits versus $27.88 for private-sector employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Public employees make more because they have more education, union officials say." read more > (BBBW 1-20-11)


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