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LOCATION: 22mi west of Englewood

CATCH: Red Grouper (8), bonito

STORY: A fishing trip off Englewood on 4/10. The seas were a little rough so we stopped in 70' about 17mi off shore. After catching some short red grouper we dicided to slowly head out into deeper water. We ran over a 5' ledge in 90' of water not visited before and were successful in pulling in some nice grouper on repeated drifts.


LOCATION: various between 60 and 45 mi west of Stump pass

CATCH: 10 red grouper, 15 mahi, 5 vermillion snapper

STORY: 7/1/2012: left the dock at 6am for a 65mi. run to the I75 rubble off Englewood. All we caught there were greater amberjack which are out of season. We proceeded to work our way in a little closer to spots marked from earlier trips (always carry your numbers log). Anchoring up at promising spots and chumming led to some nice grouper and a few snapper. While chumming some mahi schools showed up so we switched to spinners on the surface for a nice varitety. Successful bait was live pinfish, squid, bonito strips and dead shrimp.

LOCATION: 55mi west of Stump Pass

CATCH: 4 red grouper, 3 red snapper

STORY: first day of red snapper season, first target was closer in with no luck, ran out of time to limit out

Video on the grouper part of the trip can be viewed here


LOCATION: 35 miles off Stump Pass

CATCH: 8 red grouper, two above 30"

Video of rainbow over Stump Pass can be viewed here

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